Explorer vs. Currituck

This is only a curiosity question for me - I already bought a Currituck, I like it a lot, and I’m not expecting to change for at least a while.

I’m just curious how the Currituck compares to a Romany Explorer, assuming identical loads, paddler experience, etc., in terms of performance in various conditions, rolling, etc… Anyone got enough experience with both boats to comment?


Similar and
not enough difference to be concerned. Go paddle your kayak and learn how to use it to it’s ability, which is considerable.

Yes - I plan to …
Like I said, I’m not wanting to change boats at all. I just am curious as to the differences. I see so many people paddling Explorers.

Both nice…
The Currituck is faster and has less primary stability than the Explorer. The Explorer is a little more manueverable, more stable, and a better roller. Both are fine in conditions and are excellent kayaks.

Agree with Schizo
Albeit the roll deal…both extremely easy to roll. You have an excellent boat! It’s every bit as good as any in that class, so slight nuances overlayed with personal styles is what it boils down to. Enjoy it…focus now on your fitness, and skills with confidence in your boat. Also get a good paddle…I think that’s probably more important than boats in many cases. Toss a great paddler in any boat and he/she will make it work. Have fun.

yes …
I am doing all those things, and yes, I have a great paddle (Kalliste). I just want a couple more months of summer, which up here in da U.P. is fading.


Monkey see monkey do…

Don’t have a lot to add …
have only paddled an Explorer a few times, a wee bit more time in a Currituck -

Salty, Schizo, and others are right on. I will add that, although these are both easy to roll, the Explorer has a lower rear deck which makes some types of rolls (e.g. layback) a little easier, at least for me.

Currituck - great design, excellent craftsmanship.

Explorer - great design, ? craftsmanship (one hears a lot of stories).

Maybe you see a lot of Explorers because (like robinsos suggests) they are prevalent in both “This is the Sea” videos, or maybe because they’re a great boat, or maybe because there is/was a dealer nearby you.


Clever. (nt)

I apologize for being a smart ass. There is a lot to be said about people trying to emulate what other perceived experienced people around them are doing. It happens to be fundamental human/primate nature. The Explorer is a great boat, so is the Currituck. Get a few gurus in the Currituck and witness the same following. Paddle one yourself and you can determine the nuances between the two.


It’s possible that there are more Explorers because they came out first.

North Shore?
Isn’t the Currituck basically the same hull as a North Shore Calypso/Atlantic? Is this design older than the Explorer? I ask because I don’t know, but the specs are very close. The original Impex company used to import the North Shore boats before they started manufacturing their own.


i’ve tried to follow this connection as well, but i know nothing of this Northshore company. i’ve heard a few others knock the Impex designs as basically old designs of this Northshore company, saying they were essentially inferior British designs from a second tier kayak company. however, i don’t even know who Northshore is or anything about their boats, who designs them or what experience they have, other than their somewhat odd website. one can imagine a link however between these companies based on the designs on their site. does anyone out there know anything about the designers of the Impex boats; Cur, Ass, etc?

I recently saw a NS Shore Line
on a paddle (GHRP?). It was very similar to a Montauk. They are one of the older Brit companies.


I saw this …

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Currituck back deck
For a shorter person as I am ( 5-7), I found the back deck and cockpit coaming of the Currituck too high for comfy laid back bracing and rolling. That compared to the very comfy Montauk, OI, and Explorer.