Explorer vs poly Aquanaut HV

I have an Explorer, a perfect boat for my size (6’1", 200 lbs). Been paddling it a little over a month. It’s my first real sea kayak and I love it. I’m thinking of getting a slightly smaller, plastic boat for a guest to come with me, but one that I can still fit into.

I was wondering how the poly Aquanaut HV compares to my Explorer. Is it smaller, bigger or about the same in the cockpit and in the volume?

very similar in size
the Aquanaut is a tad wider. the A HV is substantial but not a huge boat by any means in my opinion. a friends shop has them and i’ve considered buying one, but can’t justify it.

Standard Aquanaut
At your size I would suggest a standard ‘naut.

I am 6’ and 180 and feel a bit light in my standard Aquanaut.

I had a chance to paddle the LV and HV
Aquanauts, I normally paddle an Explorer.

I thought the HV had a larger cockpit, felt wider, and more depth. I found the LV Aquanaut to be a bit roomier in the cockpit than my Explorer. But I thought they were very nice handling boats. I only paddled them for about 30 minutes each in 2 foot surf.

From Valley’s website “Sized slightly larger than the composite LV, this model is ideally suited to paddlers of average weight and below” - referring to the plastic LV. If you want a good all around kayak in that line consider the Aquanaut Club.

I bought the LVAquanaut for my wife and
kids to use and also for me to use in surf and for rolling/playing. I am 6’3" 250 lbs, it is a tight fit, but the boat handles the weight fine and is a blast to play with. I could not imagine an HV for your size and for an extra boat. JMO