Explorer vs. Redfish King?

The recent review by Matt re: his Explorer was great, and got me thinking, as the King is also known to be an excellent ‘all-around’ boat.

I am building a Redfish King. Has anyone spent some time in both the King and the Explorer? If so, how would you compare the two?

Many thanks,


The King…
Looks a whole lot sexier…

Don’t know how it paddles but if I were to build a stripper the King would be the one. Good luck.

A sexy King
Thanks Grayhawk,

I agree…Joe Greenley designed a real sexy boat.


I paddled a King prior to deciding to build. I am a relative novice at paddling, but loved the way she handled. There is an effortless feeling the way the bow cuts through the water. The builder of the King I paddled is a very experienced paddler, and he agreed…also noting the King handles all conditions beautifully.


Likely next boat
The King is very high on my list of next boats to build. I haven’t paddled one however, and need to find someone near by willing to let me try theirs.

Daren N from WestCoastPaddler.com built one, sold it, and is now building another one for himself to use. He was quite impressed with that boat.

Demoing a King
You might want to post your request on www.kayakforum.com

I did that, and was invited by an extraordinarily hospitable guy to demo his King in NJ. I traveled down from CT…definitely worth the trip!


I’ll get around to it
I did that before I built my Guillemot and got several invites.

Where in NJ was this guy?

Let me know…
if you are interested. I will contact him and help you guys connect. The following is his building site. I am currently at picture #28 on my King hull.

Love working with the strips. My first boat was a hybrid Night Heron, then a sof.