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I have built up a bit of vacation time and was thinking it would be nice to maybe go to a symposium or two which got me thinking that aside from Delmarva and the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival, and one Sea Kayak Georgia BCU training weekend, I haven’t really frequented many. I have been able to negotiate with a couple of my friends in the airline industry some passes so where isn’t as much of an issue as what.

Any suggestions? Whats coming up over the next three months or so?


west coast
You just missed Lumpy Waters up in OR last weekend. And one in Loreto, Baja a few weeks before that.

Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium (ggsks.com) is February in San Francisco and South West Sea Kayak Symposium (http://www.aqua-adventures.com/symposium%20index.html) in San Diego in March.

Both are fantastic with a dazzling range of conditions and coaches. My only issue, GGSKS is too short!


Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium
Feb 18-20



Hey - why don’t you just contact one of the instructors that you are interested in paddling with and spend some time paddling with them. 5 years ago I did that with Jeff Allen and we paddled in the Cornwall region. Great way of getting one on one instruction in pretty fabulous area. Other trips I have done were more involved and arranged around groups and specific instructional classes. You will need to be able to go with the flow. Some days you are paddling alone, some with groups and some with just the instructor. You could work it around something that they already have on the schedule if your time is a bit flexible. That trip was one of my best learning experiences as it was all about me and not a group of people I went with or the symposium agenda.

So first figure out where in the world you would like to paddle. Second, contact an instructor in that area. Third come up with an agenda. Definitely leave a bit of time for sightseeing too or “down days”. It will give you the ability to absorb more when you are on the water.

I’m jealous!

A bit off topic but
Anyone who has an interest in single blade technique would do well to attend the Florida Freestyle Symposium in March. The dates are March 18th through the 21st 2011. The location in the Florida State College in Yulee, just outside of Jacksonville. Full details should be posted on the Freestyle Website, www.freestylecanoeing.com within the next week or so. I’ll also post more details here on paddling.net soon.

Marc Ornstein

love it
This sounds so great. I’ll need to see if I can do something like that sometime. Sounds divine.

Second that
The 2 weeks I spent under John Carmody’s watchful eye were extremely helpful. Though there were other students, the number varied from 1 other student to 7 others. Every day I learned something. With 7 others, it’s hard to get lots of individual attention but since the first 6 days there was only 1 other student, that time was almost like a private lesson.

Just curious pikabike
What was the venue that enabled you to spend two weeks working with John Carmody? I wasn’t aware that Sea Cliff Kayakers offered any programs of that length.

Thanks in advance.

No single class or program

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It was a bunch of different classes strung together. I asked for some training (and provided a written outline of my goals both long-term and short-term), then he came up with some suggestions. It all had to be subject to change due to conditions, but since I had a lot I wanted to do, I was OK with being flexible. It was just great to have that kind of training opportunity, regardless of specifics.

Kind of funny, because at first I thought it'd be a few days of classes with time off in between. Then as planning progressed, the blanks got filled in. When I was there, even the one day off (supposedly) after 9 days in a row got filled in! It was all good. I had never paddled 14 days in a row before.