I don’t mean to take away from the fine products sold through Yakima, Thule (goalposts) and the official Extend-a-Bed, but Harbor Freight has the same thing for $19.99…I couldn’t believe it was true but I bought one to fit my new truck this weekend and it works perfectly. The only thing you need to do is weld a couple of eyes on it to that you can tie it off to your bumper to prevent swaying (when it is staning upright).

Looks Good!
It’s on their web site, but the price is $39.99.

Harbor Freight
Harbor Freight has an interesting pricing policy. I’ve seen them list the same item in two different places in their catalog, for two very different prices. They also have slightly different part numbers, so if you request the higher priced one, that’s what you get. If you can wait, they will offer it for 19.99.

still a good deal
I expected to pay $39.99 (still a great deal) but when they rang it up, it was $19.99. Anyway, all you have to do is invert it and it works just like an adjustable goalpost. It may be to high for a car but works great as a rear support for trucks.

Proof it works.
I bought one of the “Extend a bed” bars from a kayak dealer and it is the best. I have an S-10 Pup and I can load both of my kayaks side by side and with the use of two simple ratchet-ropes (a rope that locks into a ratcheting pulley) one through the front loops of my kayaks attached to the front eyelets mounted on the sides of my truck bed, and a ratchet-rope across the ends of the extend a bed. Not to mention a red flag and I’m ready to go in approx 2 min. Very, very easy. I would challenge anyone with their expensive top mount system to do this with as “little” effort as I do. Since I’ve had this set up, 6 others have copied my tecnique! BRAVO Extend-a-bed!! 10 out of 10!!! Wouldn’t trade for the world!

Isn’t there a limit on how far out
your load goes out behind your pick up? For instance 8’ bed, 2’ tailgate = 10’ with kayak 16’6" thus sticking out 6’6"? I think in CA it is 4’-but I would have to check with my friends in law enforcement…anyone know?


That’s what the flag is for
Distances may vary by state, but here in CO we can have things sticking out up to 4’ without using a flag. Beyond that, you put the flag on. There must be some kind of maximum with the flag on, too, but it’s probably irrelevant for us kayakers.