Extend-a-Truck Question

Based on the personal reviews found here, I’m considering one of these for canoe transport and am wondering if anyone knows the difference between the original Extend-a-Truck vs Extend-a-Truck II model. Can anyone fill me in on the differences? Thanks!

No difference that I can see…

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I have a Extend a Truck that I bought from JC Whitney 2 years ago for $99. After doing a Google search for version II and reading the description, I see nothing different between the one I bought and version II other than the price is $30 more.

If there is a difference, maybe someone can enlighten us both, or if all else fails, call the manufacturer and ask them!! See the info, including the toll free number at their website: http://www.extendatruck.com/


Get 'em cheaper at Harbor Freight and
Northern Tools, sometimes for less than $30. Very popular item with kayak fishermen on the coast. One word of caution, they drag the pavement or ground on dips, like maybe at the end of your drive.

> One word of caution, they drag the pavement or ground on dips, like maybe at the end of your drive.

Oooh–good tip. Thanks!

And to TrippS: thanks for the link. I’ll try calling the company for an explanation.

My bad, didn’t look at the link in the
first reply. There are bed extenders that go straigh out from the receiver hitch. The canoe or kayak rest on the t-bar that comes up from the end of the extender. Allows you to put a long canoe or kayak in the bed as the t-bar is the same height and eases loading or unloading. Sorry.

FishFood where are you??
We no longer have our truck but still have our bed extender and a universal bar and mount for the cab of our F150 we are more than ready to part with. Small apartment, too much stuff. The new car came with a rack so no need anymore. No, they don’t drag the ground and they are very versatile. I would definitely recommend them. I could get 3-4 boats in our F-150 easy (Depending on length, width etc.

Good luck. I am in Central Florida so if you are close and don’t mind slightly used, give me a holler-