Extend-A-Truck Upright

Would be interested to know who uses an extend-a-truck hitch t-bar in the upright position? I’m very pleased with mine when used to extend the bed of my truck but would like to get it up to roof level to accommodate my tonneau cover. Thinking of buying a single Yakima for the cab and putting the E.A.T in the upright position but it seems a bit flimsy upright. Do any of you use it this way? Does the movement really matter? Do you use additional cross straps of the E.A.T? Thanks for any feedback.

I have
I have used mine in both positions. When using it in the uprigth position ,I put straps from the bar to the corners of my rear bumper to prevent any give from side to side. I use it for a prety heavy OT discovery canoe and have had no problems.

It works
I also have a tonneau cover, so I went with a Yakima half rack on the cab, and extend a truck on the hitch. Works great. All you need is to run a strap from each end of the T under your rear bumper. It will wobble a tad, but so will most other hitch racks.

Same here
We used ours when we had the F150. Both to extend the bed and in the upright position…depending on what else needed to be hauled with the boat (bikes, cargo, etc). Just anchor with straps (makes a sort of triangle) or ropes and though there is some wobble it really wasn’t bad. Took mine on the highway. Made me nervous the first few times at a higher speed but I got better at really anchoring the sucker down and never had a problem. I used some old foam cradles strapped down to pad the boat and never had any real issues. Those bed extenders are very handy. Good luck- Toddy

Thanks one more question:
How many total straps are you using on the canoe in this position? I would think that you obviously are using one each around the two cross bars (one at cab, one on the T bar) and I understand the two from the t-bar to the corners of the bumper. Do you need any more for the canoe itself?