Extended Trips in Washington of BC

I am looking for suggestions on a extended trip for a group of 10 boy scouts (plus 4 adults). We are looking for a 6-day trip of atleast 50 miles with a moderate difficulty rating.

We were looking at the Bowron Lakes but cannot take the required 10 days that that a group our size is required to take.

Any suggestions would be most helpful

Have you read…
…“Cruise of the Blue Flujin”?

Bowron doesn’t need to take ten days
but at least a week. It can be a difficult trip depending on the weather. I just finished the loop (second time) a few weeks ago and had waterspouts on Isaac lake. A great trip though. Murtle lake (no power boats) up in BC would be a good choice since it’s a lake and you can spend as much or little time as you want. How about the upper Missouri in Montana? Not far from you. A great trip and very historical. Follow Lewis and Clark’s paddling adventure. Camp on the same sites as they did two hundred years ago. That is only part of the story since so many things happened on that part of the Missouri. Check it out on the web. I did the 160 miles from Ft Benton to Kipps Landing, but I wouldn’t recommend to go the whole lenght unless you had the time. I did it in six days but spent most of the time paddling. An easy paddling trip on the last free flowing part of the Missouri. Highly recommended. Send me a note and I’ll tell you about the trip.

Here’s a couple to look at

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There's another circuit in BC which starts and ends at the same place. It's called the Powell Forest Canoe Route. Check it out at http://vancouverisland.com/recreation/?ID=178

I also highly recommend the Broken Group Islands. I have done this trip many times with my husband and two small children. Yes it is the ocean, but it is so sheltered (barring any storms) that you will think you are on a lake, except for the Sea Lions and great cod fishing. Search for Lady Rose Marine Services on the internet. This is an old freighter that takes you from Port Alberni and drops you right in the middle of the Islands. Western Canoeing in Abbotsford can rent you a trailer and Clipper canoes.

are you planing…
for this year or next?

And how far would you drive at the most?

Bowron lakes: since when do they have a requiered minimum stay for groups?

And even if: who can force you to stay that long?

I did the circle a few times. 3 1/2 days the fastes, 11 the longest. Would say, you need at least 8 days to enjoy it-specially with kids.

Agree with Bayes: you won’t know you’re on the ocean except for the salty water…

yours in scouting

PS: there is a guy somewhere in BC who does trips and clinics only for scout groups- BC canoe instructor and former scouter-can’t find his web site anymore, though.