Extending factory aero bars

My 2019 Toyota RAV4 has aero bars installed that arch upwards across the roof. What’s the simplest and safest way to extend these on those occasions when I want to transport two canoes?

Like this?

Yes that’s it

Reminder to verify load capacity of the racks and weight of the canoes.

That’s the problem with that aerodynamic style bar, in addition to the increased cost. There’s no way that I know of to extend them beyond the roof rails unless you cobble together some sort of DIY solution.

You would probably need to install Thule’s square or wing bars which are available in various lengths and can extend beyond the roof rails and roof edges.

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I you can do basic woodworking I’m picturing a clear 2x4, possibly cut out in the center to clear the center of the roof, resting on the side rails with a cut-out or stop so the don’t slide left and right, with holes drilled o that they can be attached to the crossbars with large zip ties.

As @rstevens suggests, I think it’s either a DIY project or a different set of towers and crossbars. In addition to Thule, Yakima offers 78" crossbars and I’m sure they have towers to fit your RAV4. Malone probably has them too.

I definitely see this project as a DIY hack for my RAV4 with factory roof rails. The $99 aero crossbars from Amazon look beefy enough and cost waaay less $$$ than Yakima or Thule–which I own for other vehicles. So far, I’m envisioning attaching 2 x 4s to the aero crossbars with zip ties, short NRS straps or large stainless hose clamps on those rare occasions when I want to carry two canoes on their gunnels. I always use full tie downs front and rear and side to side of course. Better ideas and refinements are always welcome.

If you need to carry two canoes only rarely, I’d definitely go the DIY route.

Ya get what ya pay for folks. The bars on a RAV factory rack are already very close together which makes it challenging to carry one much less two canoes. I just went through this same exercise with my daughters Forester and we ended up buying some used Yakima towers on Ebay after wasting a bunch of money on crap from Amazon that turned out to be even more flimsy than the crossbars that came with the car. Using the towers, I was able to spread them about 20" farther apart and I already had some 54" bars left over from my old F J Cruiser and now she can carry boats safely.

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I agree - I’d spend the money to get a Yamika or Thule rack. Having said that, the factory bars do work. I’ve done many shuttles in a buddy’s older Rav4 with only the factory bars - my canoe and his kayak on edge.

Time for the snowy drive home

Longest trip that we did was 5-hours up to ME - it was a little nerve-racking, and we did add bow and stern lines for that trip :wink:

Why worry, just buy the bars and be safe.

Yesterday I found my old set of Yakima Control Towers to use with some 58" round bars I have on hand. Ordering a set of Landing Pads #23 to fit my 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. So I’ll be okey dokey. Anyone need a set of four Yakima Baseline Towers for a naked roof? These came off our 2015 Prius–but clips make them adaptable for other models.

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