Extending Shiawassee River Heritage Wate

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A group of volunteers cleaned wood debris July 24, 2011
extending the Water Trail northward towards Bay City, MI.


This section between Argentine/Byron,MI was particularly
tough since it suffered from neglect for many, many years.

In the near future people will be able to paddle
huge sections of the river for 20, 30, 40 mile trips.
Longer canoe/kayak races could spawn local talent.

Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail Map

What an awesome group! Thanks to
all who participated.

We have a beautiful state and even mother nature can make a mess of our waterways.

Now if everyone who uses any body of water would make it their mission to take all of their trash with them, it would be much easier to keep them clean and fully usable. Unfortunately they don’t.

Each time I paddle, I carry a plastic bag and pick up items that intentionally or accidently were dumped in the water. Slightly larger items (boat bumpers, parts of styrofoam coolers, etc.) get placed under the deck bungies.

Springtime is when interesting items are found.

Early this year, after a big windstorm, I found a canoe in the river out front of our home. I hitched a rope to it, put it on our seawall for 2 weeks, plus advertised it in the local newspapers “Lost & Found”. No one claimed it, so I gave it to a neighbor.

Grass Roots effort

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States just don't have the resources to keep waterways navigable.

It comes down to volunteers making it happen.

Ten years ago in Oakland County Michigan no one cared about the Shiawassee River.
Few knew it flowed northward from Metro-Detroit northern suburbs to Bay City.
Now it's a resource fueling eco-tourism bringing in paddlers from surrounding communities.


Blue (water) has become the new "green"

Oakland County Planning officials are actively engaged concerning
the economic impact of green infrastructure.
A new term called "Blue Infrastructure" for waterways is catching on.
People choose to live and work in areas where recreation is readily available.
By maintaining and preserving natural resources for recreation
the county can remain economically vibrant.

People are willing to pay a premium for locations with high quality green & blue infrastructure
i.e. recreational areas have significant impact on property values.
High quality natural and environmental amenities attract commercial development , jobs, and people.
They help support the quality of life of local residents and foster community attachment.

Talent and innovation are sources of new local and regional economic growth.
Talent tends to migrate to places with significant green & blue infrastructure;
jobs tend to follow people, who follow green infrastructure quality.

Support your local watershed and waterways

outstanding and a never-ending job
Our Jackson County group (GREAT) is in constant motion clearing our rivers from dead-fall and in doing so, the pollution sources stand out and can be addressed. Tip of the hat to all your volunteers!!! We hope to give groups like yours links and front page space on our new website soon!

Peregrine Kayaks

Michigan kayaks

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It's great to have home grown Michigan built kayaks available nearby !


I've have yet to demo a Peregrine made kayak !