Extra Wide Boots

Cold weather ends my paddle season because I cannot find a 4E width boot to wear. The sole needs to be close fit for rudder control and come up to below the knee for wet launches.

Chota Mukluks
I wear a 10-4E and recently purchased a Chota Mukluk “Light” boot in a standard Size 10. It’s plenty wide and comfortable. It’s almost too big…even with 2 pairs of socks. I may try a Size 9 when I get a chance for a slightly better fit.

Size 11D
and I take a 10 in Chota. I still have room for an insole and socks. They will stretch. Some sizes were available on sale at REI. I just got a new pair for $53 delivered to my house.

Ditto Chota Mukluks
I wear size 10 1/2 4E with a high instep. Size 11 Chota mukluks work great, even enough room for smartwool or polartec socks to keep those big feet warm and toasty in cold water. Just don’t go in water deep enough to flow in over the tops (just below the knee)