Extra Wide Seat Pad

Does anyone make a pad for bench seats that is around 24" wide by 10" deep? Just looking for a simple pad without the back.

I’d be using this on a third seat or bow seat. When fishing and paddling solo from tandems it seems like whatever make do pad I’m using is always slipping out of position or on ends up on the the wrong side of the seat.

The thought of shock cording some custom fit sleeping pad foam in place is sounding pretty good.

Foam and velcro
I’d try making my own with some cushy sleeping pad foam attached with velcro One-Wrap:


self-inflating seal line pad w/straps
Rob, this is what I have on my canoe seat. It does not have a back. The quick-release straps would let you move it from seat to seat, but it stays in place once tightened. I’m not sure what the dimensions are. I’ve had mine for years and it has been durable. I don’t even take it off for car transport or storage.




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I've got this one from Dan and I bet he could probably make one that size for a bit more cost. It's simple and works well plus the rolled front edge makes it comfortable for kneeling:


Canoe Pad

…just get something that ties onto seat
Get something that permits it to be tied onto the actual seat.


It’s not quite 24", but is plenty wide (~20") and does not slip when clipped in properly. Mine have held up very well after several years of significant use. Mine are dark green (so you can get other colors than the blue shown).

for the links and ideas, folks.

Lots to look over here.

kick paddle
just get the same material that they use on those lttle swimming kickborads. The material is easy to keep permanent, although you’ll have to replace them later on.