Extrasport B27

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I've had this same PFD since I don't know when. As I've grown thicker around the middle, it tends to ride up and chafe my neck. As a result, I leave it off more than I probably should. At 6', 220#, is there a newer design that I should consider? Hey Elmo, I know youse gut wunna deez, waddaya gotta sayaboudit? And please, I'm not about to add a crotch strap, so let's not go there. I'm a pretty good swimmer. do I really need the additional flotation provided by this vest? TIA-Tom

fat floats
You probably only weigh about 12 or 13 pounds when in the water, so the average vest with the minimum 15.5lbs is good enough to keep your head out of the water. If you are in oxygenated water, like surf or Whitewater, then you’ll want more buoyancy, or if you just want to float higher in the water.

Ah’ truely like me B27

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Since ah' sink like a 20 year old fruitcake fro' me favooite auntie...


ah' do need a higher buoyancy lifevest ta keep me afloat. Ah's been a'usin' a very old Stohlquist Max vest which jus' about works, but lately (in cold water) have been usin' de ExtraSport B27 (or de rescue version - Swiftwater Ranger) wit good tidings. A little bulky but gots great flotation, lower back protection fro' rocks an' be quite coomfortable. It doesn't ride up over me gut either like most shorter vests - stays put which be real nice. Since it's a long bodied vest 'yakers probably won't like it. So, dependin' on yer flab-factor or lead-belly-ratio de B27 wit it's 27lbs. of floation, jus' be a'might overkill fer yer, but fer me'heavy fat its jus' fine. Now in hot temperatures (fer me dat anythin' over 50 degress) ah'd roast - but then agin' ah' dun't paddle much in de summmer.

Fat Elmo