Extrasport Retroglide Sabre PFD

Anyone use this pfd in a sea kayak. It is longer than most touring pfds. Just wondering about the length. I think I am down to this and the Kokatat Msfit. They seem to fit my protruding midsection the best.

I have both a Extrasport & a Kokatat
The Extrasport Retroglide can be worn either long or short. The shoulder strap adjustments can be snugged up, causing the body of the jacket to ride up higher on your torso. A very adjustable and comfortable jacket.

My Kokatat is a Outfit Tour, similar in cut to the MisFit. Again, a very comfortable jacket. I switch them depending on my mood (red vs yellow)

Flip a coin!


sabre here
I have the extrasport and it’s a great pfd, especially for longer tripping, the cargo pockets/accessiblity of gear is nice for extra food, safety gear/vhf and a few other items.

Extrasport Sabre
Ditto on the Sabre, the pockets are a great asset and the PFD is comfortable to wear and very adjustable, at least on my body. But you should go with what feels the best on you. If both feel the same then it should come down to what other attributes do you want it to have and which one fulfills those.