eye protection?

Eye protection is extremely important on the water. What have you found to be a solution to the many brands and types of eye wear? What works for you? Preferences?

paddle safe, LJB.

Protection is a two-part combo
1. Visor or hat


2. Sunglasses

I used to just wear sunglasses, but that left my eyes feeling very fatigued and burned-out. Without some shading at the top and sides, too much sunlight still gets to the eyes, albeit indirectly. Try it yourself on a bright day; just don the sunglasses and then cup your hand over the top front. Guaranteed your eyes will like the shaded version better.

If you live in a very bright climate, get the lenses that exclude the greatest percentage of rays. This does make a difference, I found. Polarized lenses are less tiring, too.

I happen to like Oakleys with the black iridium coating (their darkest), as well as the polarized version of this lens. But if I tended to lose sunglasses, I would not buy these (they are expensive).

Polarized and Rec Specs
I never tried polarized lenses until I started paddling. Wow - they really do make a difference (to me) in reducing glare!

I have VERY poor vision, and contacts make my eyes very tired, so I really wanted to wear glasses rather than contacts on the water. In whitewater, I also worried about losing a contact. I bit the bullet and invested in a pair of Rec Specs which are butt-ugly, but very comfortable and practical. They are almost goggle like, and fit great under a helmet. No worries when rolling. I now have Rec Specs in polarized sunglasses as well as clear lenses, both RX, and I really like them. Wish they looked a little less geeky, but that’s okay!

That’s what works for me!

i have persription Barz…love em…weird to others because mine are tinted dark-no one can see where i am looking…but during the day them and a hat or a helmet in surf is the bomb!

now i need to cough up the cash for a clear pair so i can paddle at night!

I wear glasses
So I have a pair of polarized clip ons. I almost always wear a hat providing additional shade. I also use a glasses leash.


Keep the cost of glasses down…
…as they will invariably become damaged or lost. Save the good optics for driving and other activities. Once the lenses get wet and/or salty, it makes little difference if you paid $2 or $200 for your glasses.

I’ve had really good luck with tinted safety glasses and fishing glasses from places like Home Depot and Walmart. They’re rugged, have respectable optical quality and they’re inexpensive. When they get damaged or lost, it’s merely an inconvenience. They’re cheap enough that I can keep 2 or three pairs in my gear. That way, I always have spares, just in case.

SeaSpecs and cap
I love my seaspecs: http://www.seaspecs.com/

They work great, and even float. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the strap (along with my ponytail) keeps my hat from blowing away.

a hair tie (scrunchy) on the back strap of your hat, if you have a ponytail. put your hat on and then twist the hair tie (scrunchy) around your ponytail. Hat can’t go anywhere , cost less than all the other gadgets and you always have a spare hair tie with you if you need. The hair tie can just hang there if you are on shore and not in wind where you might lose your hat.

just a small thing I’ve found to work…

Best Wishes


Look at this

Buying the inexpensive
glasses works just fine, but be real careful about the distortion you get on some or the really cheap polarized ones. I really gives me a headache and causes major eye strain. Spend a lot of time trying them on and experiment with different lense colors too.