Eyeglass strap

Any advice on securing glasses while being capsized in heavy surf? Crokies do not work - lost a pair of prescription sunglasses at N. Muskegon S.P. in Lake MI Sunday while wearing Crokies. They don’t seem to grip the ear pieces very tightly.



Same Problem Here
I have tried several differant types of holders and have started using crokies with a small plastic tie wrap over the end of the crokies as it covers the ear piece.


Sports Strap
The little black sport strap you can get from nearly any optical shop (including the shops in most Walmarts and Shop-ko type stores) will keep your glasses in place no problem.

You will most likely NOT find the straps on the generic sunglasses display stand. You need to look for them in the shops. They cost around a buck or two.

Remember the school Librarian and the chain she used to hang her glasses around her neck? I have a nylon version that has rubber connectors that slide the length of the ear pieces, and then slip over the hinge on my glasses. A foam float is threaded onto the cord at the back of my neck, bright yellow…I’ve only lost the glasses once, (During rolling practice), and then they were floating where I could find them, the yellow float bobbing in the water…

I also keep my old prescription glasses after the latest eye exam…I paddle wearing the old glasses, the new ones stay in the car at the Launch site…If I loose the old ones…no great loss really…

sports goggles
For real rough conditions, I’m thinking of reviving an old set of racquetball prescription goggles that I have stashed away somewhere. They have a strong elastic that goes around the head.


different croakies for different glasses
Corakies makes a bunch of different models.

The original all neoprene type does not hold well on glasses that have small diameter temple pieces.

I have a set of the terra floater model http://www.croakies.com/eyewearretainers/eyewearsport/float/default.htm that works well for my sun glasses, but doesn’t hold my clear glasses.

For the clear glasses I use the tite end model http://www.croakies.com/eyewearretainers/eyewearsport/titeend/default.htm

but I need to push the rubber grip thing over the hinges.

Both have held well, including being trashed through some whitewater holes.

Tite End
I too have been using the Tite End model and it’s been working well for me.


Chums … friendiest hang tag too.
Hold frames tenaciously and slider adjustment holds your headglasses to your head. Soft and comfortable non-immersion protectant cotton.

Wasn’t there an article in a recent…
… Sea Kayaker magazine with instructions on making your own eyeglass holder. It addressed exactly that problem. It was 6-12 months ago, I believe.


Croakies experience

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I lost a set of aviator-style sunglasses while relying on a Croakies neo strap. No more Craakies for me. Chums gets my vote for comfort, adjustability and security. Get the model with the float for added security.


Chums redundancy: If a big wave should wash your specs off, chances are that only one temple will pull from the Chums. If you have a floater, you still have a good chance of retrieving your glasses.

Is this just too simple?
This works great if you are a decent at tying knots. Occasionally I’ve tied my glasses on with string. I tie off each end of the string with two half-hitches. I usually make just enough slack in the loop to slide it over the back of my head once my glasses are on, and in that case the loop is tight enough that my glasses can’t slip forward much at all. I’m not faced with anything as severe as surf, but I can tell you that the frames would break before the knots could slip (but if your temple pieces have no enlarged section behind the ear, the best attachement in the world might slip off). With a little more careful adjustment, you can make the string a little shorter and slip one knot onto the temple piece while wearing your glasses, then cinch the knot tight, so there’d be virtually no slack (this is really a whole lot easier to do than it might sound. Once the string length is right, it only takes a few seconds to hook up). I just mention this because I don’t believe that any elastic, slip-over gripper can hold as securely as any type of knot that can’t get looser when under tension. In a pinch, you can rob a shoelace from you regular shoes before you hit the water, and you are good to go.

Just Me, But
My vision is not that bad. I pass driver’s license test without them.

After lossing two pairs of expensive presrciption sunglasses, I just wear cheap ones now.

Croakies have served me well
with my big, plastic framed,dark tinted, polarized

prescription ray bans. Smaller ear peices may have issues. Try before you buy!