I’m just full of questions :slight_smile:

How do you spectacled folks keep your glasses on? Seems like a silly question but I find that the straps still let mine slip off and I can’t imagine what it is like when you wet exit or roll.

Do any of you carry spares in the boat?

Chums with a red float on the back
Work for me. Well I did lose one pair once.

There are a number of straps or
croakies available. Look at the ones that basketball players and athletes use if you want something snug. I use one that can be tightened and loosened.

I keep an extra set in the car on longer trips.

Although one store told me that Chums has discontinued the red floats. I purchased several spares so I’m still good to go.

I use Croakies…
…but only in white water or rough seas.

I always keep them in my PFD pocket so they are always handy.

When I am using them I keep them fairly taut.



and they stayed put with my glassses strap tightened, just fine. And these things are specs I certainly do NOT want to loose -they’re scrip progressive bifocals with oversize blanks and polarized lenses, and they cost in the neighborhood of a decent wing paddle…

We use a variety of straps. Three are floaters -one is lime green surgical tubing looped through a bright yellow key chain float (like you use for keys for a boat) in the back, one is a long, non-snugging loop of buoyant material in screaming pink, and one is a short length of shoelace-like material with a float in the back that can be snugged up. We also have two sport straps that just snug the glasses.

I’ve swum a number of time (can you say “Knysna Isthmus”?), and all times, regardless of the strap I was using, the glasses stayed on.

I don’t know what your particular situation is, but I’ll bet if you look around, you’ll find a solution to keeping your 3rd & 4th eyes put when you ocassionally find water as you


-Frank in Miami

Take care when putting your glasses on
with Croakies. The last time I tried pulling my glasses with Croakies attached over my head, I snapped the Titanium frame surrounding the left lens. So, loosen up the Croakies first and adjust the tension after they are on your face. And always carry backup glasses.

Does anyone make a sports model with prescription lens?

Yes! Most optometrists can get them.
I know a number of folks who have them. My eye doc has them in the office to try on for fit. They’re nice. I hate switching glasses, so I use glass, polarized, photo sun lenses that are clear and change to dark in the sun. I don’t end up in the water very often, so these work well.

I’m still working on this problem
Right now I’m using contacts with Barz goggles (they kind of look like sunglasses). It’s an unsatisfactory solution because I have to use the vented gaskets to keep the goggle lenses clear, and that allows water in. If I were to capsize unintentionally (I use swim goggles for practice), I may lose a lense, but it would stay trapped withing the goggle. I’m saving up to have the goggles outfitted with prescription lenses. I’m confident this will be a “slam dunk”. It’s expensive though.


I use a loose non-elastic strap
with a float. I’m more concerned about the hopefully rare accidental loss rather than holding them on for anything like rolling practice. For me it was more important to be able to remove them easily for binocular use, though I’ve since gotten optics with good eyerelief so may not have the requirement now.

I have a pet theory that there’s some correlation with those who enjoy rolling also not needing to wear eyeglasses. Certainly none of the (admittedly) few expert roll demonstrators I’ve seen had any on.


Orange foam ball with a cord
through it. Key float always something.

New Croakies extreme
Croakies has a new “extreme” line of floatable holders, check out their web site, they look very effective. I have a super duper ones very comfy too.

Nose plugs
A couple of times, even with a strap, I’ve ended up with the glasses dangling from noseplugs that I attached to the frame. A strap with a float is good. I carry spare glasses, a glasses repair kit, spare strap, and sun glasses. Have used them all. Joe boy scout.

I use a flating keyring from them
and just use the split ring to put it on the back of the retainer. that way, it does not decide how tight I have my shades on, I do. If one does not float your glasses use two and tape them together. The xtreme ones do not look very adjustable.


I use the Helmetspec-2. Had my optomitrist fit them with the lenses that darken in sunlight.

Look a little goofy, but they stay on just fine through rolls and swims, and they are virtually indestructible.