My wife just pointed this out to me.

We both wear glasses.

When not if we flip in our kayaks is there something we can do or buy that will make us less likely to loose them?

I am thinking…
and I am no authority on this but I am thinking a thick rubber band type attachment. I wear perscription sunglasses, and I really need them, as my eyes are sensitive to bright glares so I have been giving this more and more thought. I do know that an non elastic non breakable type attachemnt would not be good, at least I think it could be dangerous. :slight_smile:

Good Idea…
not to use one’s best glasses out on the water - I usually wear an old, snug fitting pair of prescription sunglasses…if they do sink, no big deal. I also keep an old pair of regular glasses in my emergency dry bag, stored in a hard plastic case. Since we never leave shore without the dry bags, there’s always a spare pair aboard.

You could try
to pick up a set of “froggies” or some such strap system. They are cheap and may help retain your glasses in a spill. Here is a link:



Inexpensive and well worth it.

I use them in white water, and when I am playing in the surf and many times I have been rolled and bounced and the glasses stay right in place.

I keep a pair in my PFD pocket so I won’t forget them if when I am heading out it is calm.



Same Issues Here
I where glasses and tried one of the string type holders that you can find about everywhere. I noted that the rubber that goes over each ear piece gets slippery when the temp gets hot and then will slip off the glasses.

Ive gotten so that I wear the sting holder all the time so I took a needle and thread and sewed a stitch about a half inch long at the end of each rubber piece which prevents the rubber from slipping off even when it gets hot and I start to sweat.


the little foam floaties is a great idea.

Floater for Glasses
I only need to worry about this for non-prescription sunglasses, but still want to hang onto my glasses. Croakies etc work fine once over.

But I have gone to using longer eyeglass holders because it is easier to drop them off my face when it becomes hard to see the chart or GPS, especially in salt water. By halfway thru a longer paddle it seems that I have enough of a film on them that it obscures seeing details, and sitting out in the middle is not where I want to start cleaning them. But you’ll need to add floatation for a lot of these longer eyeglass keepers - I found a medium size foam fishing float from any basic sports store works fine. You can get them in colors that are easier to spot in the water than the little red foam floats that come with water glasses.

Glass lens?
Is the issue of eye injury caused by the breaking of glass lens worth considering? Anyone know someone this has happened to?

Is this only a potential problem for white water paddlers? Should one consider a purchase of specialized sport glasses with plastic lens?

Make sure the eyeglass retainer will float your glasses. I used Croakies and they let my frames go straight to the bottom. $200.00 down the drain.

I now use a lightweight neoprene strap that is also a combonation case/wrap. In the pocket I put a small piece of closed cell foam. In WW I use duct tape to make sure the strap won’t let go of my glasses.

Doesn’t look great, but it works.

I use a Sports Strap
from the eyeglass store in any Wallmart, Shop-ko, etc for a buck or so works perfectly. The simple adjustable black strap will keep your glasses secured to your noggin even when you roll, swim, or otherwise get knocked about and find yourself in the water… and you will never notice the stap is there… until you try to take off your glasses…

As another suggestion, if you are wearing prescription glasses (like me), I suggest you carry a spare pair “just in case” unless you can paddle blind (also carry a spare stap with the spare glasses) You will be more likely to loose your hat than your glasses… carry a spare hat too (and leash your hat to your PFD)!