Eyewear on the water

So what are the prescription eyewear paddlers wearing these days on the water? An old pair of glasses, croakies, etc?

Last summer I got my first pair of prescription sunglasses and I’m kicking myself for not doing so a decade or more earlier. Polarized lenses RULE.

Any glasses are a pain in the butt on a foggy, rainy, cold day…fog-up city.


To keep glasses fog-free
I use cat crap and it works very well. Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Cat-Crap-Anti-Fog/dp/B000C88X4A

I’m wearing contacts - even on week long trips. It’s just so much easier, at least for me.

Glare really bothers me after a long day in the sun so I buy good polarized sunglasses. Kaenon Kore have been really good although expensive - and worth every penny (even if I wouldn’t have bought last year’s version at Campmor…).

Cheaper the better, but
the polarized are definitely my first choice, especially for fishing.

has polarized sun glasses in their fishing section for under $20. If you’re older, they also have bifocals that have incorporate reading glasses, a way cool feature.

Rx polarized
here, too. Either that or polarized clip overs from Wallyworld. The Rx were expensive and I think now that I have a new Rx I’ll just keep the clip-overs on hand instead.

I’ve a pair of Bolles sunglasses
$48 at Wally World on sale, great glases. I need reading glasses for close work, so found these little plastic lenses that stick on the sunglasses with just a bit of water, works great, makes it easy to tie knots. Though I’ve used polarized sunglasses for over 35 years, I’ve yet to find a pair of sunglasses that effectively cuts the extra glare one gets from the water. My eyes always are tired and sore after 8-10 hours on the water.

basically , i wear croakies with a large flotation collar on them fer my Rx glasses, along with polarized clip-ons.

U can try those coverall sunglasses for Rx eyewear, but they don’t fit large framed eyeglasses very well, ,interference @ the temples area.

Bartz Goggles
Not cheap, but very good. You can check them out at murrays.com.



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A few months ago, I bought a pair of polarized SGs that have a reading len in the lower section. I need to go back to see if I can get a reserve pair. They work well for me. I got them at Wal-Mart for $11/

Polarized Prescription
But non bifocal. My regular glasses are progressive bifocals. I generally don’t read when I have the sunglasses on.

I’ll put croakies on if it’s windy or rough.


Croakies for sure.

When I was a kid, I swatted at a fly and caught the corner of my glasses and off they flew over the side of the boat. My dad was so proud (they were only a week old). He asked where was the strap to hold them on, and I told him don’t worry I didn’t lose it too, it was right here in my pocket all the time.

I wear Ben Franklin wire rim glasses
and live in fear of losing them every time I go out

when I googled “cat crap”, I got this:


we need
glasses with wiper blades… What do you do in a snowstorm while running rapids if you need glasses to see the rapids?


Rx polarized Revo sunglasses.

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Cost me about $300 a year ago. They replaced the Rx Raybans I had for about a year that cost around $250. Those were sacrificed to the river in exchange for my life when I nearly got caught in a strainer after getting flipped on my third paddle w/ my first kayak. :(

Now I wear a strap, tightened around my head. Kind of a pain, as I can't take them off easily to wipe off water spots, but I can't stand the sun & glare on a sunny day. My prescription is light enough I could make it w/o Rx and just wear a cheap pair, but I prefer the clarity of my prescription. Lesson of losing the Raybans was enough to keep me consistent on wearing the strap.


Edit to add: I should note that I don't roll. I'm strictly a rec kayaker, so the issue is much different for those that roll. . . .

Second line of defense
Strap with a float Croakies or NRS sells a nice one with a kind of bulky float.

But for rolling, smileys or other nose plugs with a strap that hangs off the temple of your glasses are great. Several times I’ve ended up with my glasses hanging from my nose.

eyewear on the water
I just had my prescription sunglasses adjusted and found out that what I had thought were waterspots, are actually bubbles/erosion which apparently have been caused by saltwater contact. According to the glasses fitter, the saltwater penetrates the lens and over time erodes the UV coating and who knows what else. Does anyone know of prescription lenses that are not subject to this problem?