EZ Loader system, anyone have one?

I have a Nissan Xterra that is just too tall for me to load my boat by my 5’3" self. I am thinking of getting the EZ Loader (by Talon) which is a hydraulic assist loading device. They are in the P-Net product guide. Cost is $400. I’d like to hear from somebody that has one or knows of one to get their opinion on whether this will allow me to self load. Worth the money? What do you think?

Don’t have one
myself, but I am interested. Thule racks has one now too, of a different design. Yakima advertized one in some publications, but it looks suspiciously like one of the Talon EZ Loads, and I cannot find any info on Yakima’s website.


It is now by Yakima

I just ordered one of the leftovers by Talon. They’ve sold to Yakima and will have an '06 model out in the fall. I am hoping I don’t end up wishing I waited for whatever changes they make.

I’ll post after I receive it and have used it a few times.

Good luck
With it! I’d like to hear your impressions, as I have a friend who would benefit from one (solo loading after back surgery).


More EZ Load info
I was talking to my bud today who owns a bicycle shop, and he suggested checking with “Bicycle Retailer” online. Sure enough, there was a press release regarding EZ Loads:

Yakima Revises E-Z Load Rack Delivery

FEBRUARY 11, 2005 – PORLAND, OR (BRAIN)–Yakima’s E-Z Load side-loading roof rack system will not be available this spring as previously announced, but this fall instead.

“The E-Z Load is a great new addition to our Yakima family of car racks, but we have a chance to make significant enhancements to its design and performance,” said Jim Clark, president of WaterMark. “Steve Rodden and our product development team are going to put a few extra months of work into optimizing the E-Z Load to ensure that the product we ship in Fall '05 exceeds their high standards and those of our valued retailers and their customers.”

Rodden recently joined Yakima parent company WaterMark as vice president of product development.

In September, Yakima purchased all patents, trademarks and intellectual property relating to the E-Z Load.

Retailers who have already placed orders for E-Z load will receive first delivery when the product is delivered this fall.

E-Z Load’s hydraulic technology enables users to easily lower the rack along the side of the vehicle while keeping the load in a horizontal position.