EZ-Vee roof rack system by KayakPro?

Is anybody familiar with this rack system?


I am considering it as an alternative for my Yakima saddles to carry different light and long hulls (http://users.frii.com/uliasz/wayfarer/paddling_fleet.htm) without adjusting saddles each time.
It will provide 7' span instead of 3.5' I can get with saddles on my Subaru Outback.

My only concern is this "V" that seems to give only two contact points with a hull instead of more
contact area in the case of more flexible saddle.

Looks like a cool design how they’re essentially stretching the rack, but the V saddles themselves look like just pipes with some foam over them, which doesn’t sound especially hull-friendly for long trips. Pretty hard to tell with those images, though.

Looks like a bear
to load solo! You could always add extra padding to the bars, and one good thing is that the “V’s” should be close to your bulkheads which should reduce hull warping.


i thought long and hard about them
and decided not to get them. first, the price is kind of outrageous. grayson bourne is a really nice guy, but i couldn’t justify that sort of expense for a rack. i also wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of not tieing the boat on and relying on the bungees instead. having the long spread would be nice for surfskis, though.

i ended up installing both of my old sets of yakima cradles- one set up for the ski and one for my sea kayak (or someone else’s). this system seems to work just fine and i don’t have to worry about switching them around too much.


another picture of "V"

I think that loading is not an issue since these racks are designed for light racing boats (28-35lb in my case). I just wonder how “V” interacts with a hull which is not that strong in the case of racing boats. I am not sure about bungee tying system. I would perhaps use one regular strap as a backup.

One half of my roof racks is left for carrying canoes (upside down), so I cannot really have another set of kayak saddles. Maybe, I have just too many boats …