F250 Kayak Rack

I have had racks for my pickups since 1988 and a new truck turned into a project I had wanted to do int a reality. A simple screen over the rear window, and rails down the sides to tie stuff to was the racks former configuration. The one I took off the 07 250 was one I rebuilt from a full sized bed off a 95 F150 that was my fathers. I also had a rack that was off my 97 short bed stored by the barn. Well the new 250 has a 6’9" short bed that is longer than the 97 short bed. The cab is also higher from the bed than either the 07 250 or the short bed 97. So a lot of measure, remeasure, rethink existing racks, 1 trip to the metal shop, some welding rods, 3 cut off wheels, a grinding wheel, paint, 4 kayak racks, some 3/8the rebar, and we have a winner.

I needed to make the rails longer so since I am not a good welder, I cut 2 10" pieces off the 8’ rack, closed the ends, and welded them to the bottom of the shortbed rack instead of trying to buttsplice. I welded 2 pocket feet to the front of 2x1 square tube, then drilled and tapped then for 5/16 so I could bolt it to the bed, then put shorter pocket feet on the rear.

Then I took parts of the 8’ rails and made a frame that is the same size as the frame the screen is on. Welded a angle iron piece to both sides, gusseted with 3/8 rebar. Drilled a 3/8 hole in it so I can bolt it on and remove it for normal use. Since I had the torch and rebar out, I made 2 tie downs that I welded to the front frame on the top outside.

84.80 got me 4 kayak J bars from amazon. The only thing I had to do was slice a hole in the screen on the left and right side front to slide the bottom of the J bar through.


Took them to the state park this morning. The orange one is a Easky 15 LV and the yellow is a Aquaterra Sea Lion. They stayed there at highway speed and through all the turns on the back roads.

The rear part came off and 2 tightners for the front J bars came off quick and all of it is stored with the kayaks. I think I have a winner. A regular rack/screen and a kayak rack.

You need to be about 5’ 10" or better to get the boat up there, but it isnt hard. Put the nose in the front J bar with the back on the ground, lift and slide forward, then lift into the rear J bar.

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Looks like a nice setup. Great job