Fabric waterproofing?

It seems to be a common problem for the nylon tunnel in a drytop to loose its waterproof coating after a few years. Is there any waterproofing product that would work well to restore this fabric? Thanks.


If it starts to peel, it’s done for
If you want durability, buy Gore-Tex. It costs more up front, but it lasts a long time and when it does start to leak, it’s covered under Gore’s warranty. Unless you shred it, it’s a lifetime investment.

I would use this

if it is flaking off, you need to clean it thoroughly before applying. I work for the manufacturer, but I have used this product for this type of repair.


Check the seams overall, too
If it’s worn enough for the waterproof coating to develop psoriasis, the seams may have stretched stitch holes also. You might need to seal them or reinforce them with heat-applied tent-repair patches. Aquaseal works great for sealing holes.