Face Mask Fogging

I frequently use a face mask when doing practice rolls (new skill). I have a problem with fogging, and have to constantly rinse the mask.

Is there anything out there that really works, and will prevent the fogging?



Before the mask gets wet, spit in it and rub your saliva all over the inside of the lens. Then rinse the saliva out with plain lake/ocean water and put the mask on.

Also, once a year you can brush your mask with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

go to a dive shop and get some drops that should prevent the mask from fogging

Leave A Little Water In The Mask…
swirl that around when the mask fogs and it clears up.


I use Sea Drops
Get these at any dive shop.

Put a tiny drop on each lens, and rinse.

I have never used commercially
prepared solutions-saliva does the trick every time for me! Doesn’t look pretty, but then if you’re a male you might be used to spitting…HAHA!!! Tacky but true!

i’m not going to touch that ;o)

“Cat Crap”…
We use it for snorkling as well as on our glasses when we are x-country skiing.



Spit works
Be careful of non-fog chemicals as some may cause ieye irritation. The ones sold in dive shops are probably best. I have an old bottle of Brookstone “NASA” antifog that seems to work well and does not irritate.


Baby Shampoo…

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Baby Shampoo works pretty well and is cheap (you want a no tears type for obvious reasons if it is not completely rinsed out).

Masks need to be cleaned prior to first use (and later on if fogging problems develop). Most scrub the faceplate thoroughly with toothpaste, this removes mold release compounds that create a film on the faceplate and prevent anti-fog solutions from working. Note this is for glass faceplates, the abrasive in toothpaste can scratch a plastic lens. I know my mask starts to develop fogging around the edges after a number of dives (maybe 30 to 50) and needs to be recleaned. I’ve no idea what is getting on the faceplate.


Baby shampoo…
What a great idea! “No more tears” and all that. I’ll be giving it a try. Thanks.


Be a Man-Spit! It’s been working in
fogged face masks before you were born. Spit in it first, rinse with the water you are entering, no fog.

Face mask
As usual, many good responses, thanks!

Jack tells me that the name of that of that stuff really is “Cat Crap”-thanks Jack


If anyone thought I was just being…
sarcastic, please accept my apologies.

It is real stuff and that is the name of it, and it works good.



I can back you up…
I have seen cat crap, but never used it…

I have two furry producers
of cat crap. Send me a SASE and I will send some along.


OK, I give. Cat Crap IS a real product, and I have used it on cycling specs. Works well.