Facebook Paddlers?

Who posts good information on paddling to Facebook? Who should I follow (Besides paddling.net of course)?

What do you mean by “good”? NM

By Good I Mean
Event focused, newsworthy, interesting, you know, things people like to read.

Oh, and
relevant to paddling of course… Paddling is my escape, so I like to read about it too. It’s much better than declining farmville requests.

I post photos
While not stuff to read, I periodically post some of my favourite photos – all kayaking related, of course. :wink:

I can be found on facebook by searching “Dan at Westcoastpaddler”.

btw: I’m totally with you on the Farmville thing.



if in or near California
you can follow California Kayaker Magazine.


We post
many photos and video shorts of our adventures, including updates on our latest paddling documentary we’re working on.

Search us out as; Morrall River Films

We also have many of our filming reports on our website; www.morrallriverfilms.com


Nice Site
Fantastic stuff Dan. Some really great photos! Thanks!

Thanks Mark
Wow, great documentary work. That must be a lot of fun.

P&H kayaks has a good FB page.

We Facebook
Search “Miles Paddled”. It’s basically the same as our trip journal at milespaddled.com for (mostly Southern) Wisconsin. Feel free to friend us! Paddle on!

Social networking= invention of the devi

so what are you doing here! nm

not facebook, BUTT


both R whitewater “based”