Factory rack broken--Sacramento, CA

Note to the boys of Sierra Sea Kayakers. Your warning proved correct.

I’m qrthorse1.5’s friend with the Mercury Tracer Station wagon, with the Mako saddles on factory racks.

Well, one of the support bars for the rack finally popped loose. No the yak wasn’t on top at the time.

Basically, a support/bar on the side that DOESN’T support the yak popped up. Rack is still attached–but the bar is loose. The bolts/nuts that attach the rack and screws to the slot on the top of the car have come off. Inside the slot.

Any recommendations as to what sort of roof rack system should be put on my car? And who should do it? I would prefer someone in Solano or Yolo county, but any recommendations would be great.

Rain Gutters?
Do you have rain gutters on your car? Probably not. Most new cars don’t.

Normally you would add Yakima Rail Riders, but they attach in the slot that is lose…You will probably have to get the existing rack fixed

Rack and car make
Actually, it’s a 1994. That still considered “new”?

I’ll likely have to take it in to someone. Whether for fixing, or removing, let alone putting on a new rack—it needs a pro.

Unless I can find a way to pull that strip up part way, and get new bolts and nuts on.


Hair drier
The strip is probably plastic and may respond to a hair drier. Replacement strips should be available.