Factory racks on Forester

I just got a 2007 Forester and Subaru says the factory racks are rated for up to 150#…but they feel like plastic and I am concerned about loading them to their max. I have the Thule J-cradles so I checked with Thule, and for that vehicle’s system it’s only recommended up to 165#…so I am not sure it is worth spending the $170. Anyone have any experience with Subaru’s factory racks…good OR bad? Are the Thules that much sturdier?

Thanks for any info!

I use the 07
I use the Thule stuff on my Subaru 07 plastic crossbars, for a 50 pund 18 foot kayak. Nor problems.

I actually also bought the Thule feet and round bars initially. Certainly more sturdy, they are however so noisy I could not tolerate it. So went back to the Forester crossbars. Thus, my Thule feet are for sale!

Yakima Forester Towers
We have Yakima Forester Towers, which allows us to put 58 inch Yakima Bars on the Forester. The one downside is they aren’t lockable, but it would be pretty difficult for a thief to remove them without the special tool that comes with them.

I have carried two kayaks and two bikes on them about 1500 miles of interstate travel on one trip. It was rock solid.

The weight limits are often written by
company lawyers rather than engineers. It is doubtful that anyone did any actual failure trials, because they couldn’t afford the cars needed to do it.

I once carried 350 pounds of sheetrock on a VW Dasher wagon, a much smaller and lighter car that a Forrester. I have an Outback with Yakima racks, and I don’t worry about the load.

A better thing to think about is that with several boats and stuff on the roof, your driving style needs to be VERY defensive and conservative.

what he said
I have the same experience with my subaru crossbars. Solid and quiet. And I agree on should be just as concerned about driving smoothly.

Forester Crossbars and Malone Racks
A friend recently purchased a Forester with factory installed crossbars and uses Malone “wing” racks with no problems whatsoever.

I chose the Thule feet/crossbars…
Also have an 07 Forrester…went with the Thule feet and discarded the company crossbars…just don’t trust them. I figure the investment is well worth it…at the very least in terms of my peace of mind. Go with your instincts.


Forester Racks
I have a Forester but am missing the 2 plastic attachment clips and bolts for one of the crossbars.

Is anyone who opted for a replacement willing to sell me their unneeded clips?

Thanks in advance,

JH Bahn

Malone racks
work well with the Subaru factory crossbars which are plenty strong enough for a kayak and much quieter than the Thule bars which I also have but don’t use. If i were going to carry more than 100# I would probably use the Thule bars.

I have four
that I have never used.

I put a Yakima system on my Forester.

I will check the part numbers to be sure that this is what you need. Can you identify the part numbers for what you want?

Forester factory bars OK
I’m new but we got the Thule J and use the factory bars just fine, Our SIT weigh about 60 pounds each and been at 70 mph ok. I use front and back ties also on the highway but for a short drive just the J rack is fine.

Part Numbers
Genuine Subaru parts:

Part Name: bike attachment mounting clamps

Part number: E3610AS810

I believe that the “bike attachment mounting clamp” is used generically to mount various bike and boat accessories.

Have a set of four in original bag, never used, opened once just for inspection. They do fit exactly to the crossbars of my 1999 Subaru Forester.

Send me an e-mail reply if you want them.