Faded, Chalky Deck Fix?

I’m fixin’ ta put new bungie stuff on the deck of my old fiberglass Tempest. I really should pretty up the awful finish first. What’s good for that? Car polish? I don’t have any here at the house or I’d try a little section. Thanks.

303, should help


3M fiberglass restorer wax

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Rubbing compound (a couple of different grades) and a power buffer, some time and be prepared to make a bit of a mess…
Done right you should get a new looking boat.
Be prepared to put some effort into it…


Starbright boat polish and a buffer. See WalMart.

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Try that first. Your may need more abrasive. Picture of hull? You can use by hand but buffer is much faster.


I paid 34 locally only to see it for 26 on Amazon. :flushed:

If your close I’d buff it out for free. I get satisfaction when I see the change. I’d charge 2.99 for supplies :joy::laughing::joy:


Many thanks, y’all. I had a little 303 here so I tried some. It helped some. I went to the auto parts place and got some rubbing compound. It’s working pretty well. (and giving me a workout). The real lesson for me is… do NOT let the finish get so oxidized before doing something about it.

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My kayaks are always pampered to hell. Why? I because I love them all! Washed after every use, 303 every 2-3 times, covered, waxed, light compound when needed.

Do not understand people who paddle 5, 10, 15, 20+ miles and don’t have time to wash and cover. It takes me literally 5-8 minutes.

Sometimes circumstances change or don’t allow optimum care.
I have sold or given away boats that were not getting the care they deserved.

If I have time to paddle I have time to care for them when I get home.

I was in a similar situation, picking up a severely faded and chalky Tempest last year. I tried several things and found wet sanding to give the best result, but at a time and effort cost that wasn’t working for me. Meguiar’s #67 One Step and an orbital buffer did the trick…