Faded Red

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I understand that red has a tendency to fade. You see it all the time in cars. But how about in kayaks, stored inside a garage when not in use? Is it UV exposure only that does it? Has anyone managed to keep that great look of a new red kayak by waxing or other means - or is it inevitable that red is sure to lose its luster?

303 and store in the shade
But yes, like all colors red will fade over time. Dark green seems to be the most made resistant, yellow the most fade sensitive.

hair used to be red…but it faded in the sun ,with time…OOOPs

post is about Gel coat

Best Wishes


never tried 303 on the hair, maybe…

But can 303
bring back hair?

Why Would You Want To…
my bald head is the only thing that shines. My rides are all faded and dinged… The way I like it. It’s all about how the boat performs for me, not how it looks.


Wow… I must be doing something wrong

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My 8 yr. old yellow Corona looks almost brand new on top as well as my wife's 8 yr. old fire engine red Dagger Savanah mlooks great. They are garage/basement kept, but have seen a lot of use. I'll say, however, the Corona has seen about 15 times the use, but with regular tratments of 303 or UV TECH. I paddle 10 mos. of the year out of Cleveland so maybe uv isn't as strong part of the year....