fair price for a Feathercraft K-Light

I have a model-year-2000 K-Light (the Sealskin/welded fabric) in excellent condition. I am trying to sell it, and I found the comparable sales data below on the web (some are not very comparable, I know). I’m thinking that $1400 is a fair price, but a potential buyer protests that tsunamichuck, on a folding kayak forum, said that $1200 is more reasonable.

I would be happy to have more comparables, if tsunamichuck or anybody else knows of recent closed deals or, failing that, asking prices.

– Mark

20005008. avg condit. $1500.

20001207. foldingkayak.com. $1575 and $1775.

20020410. 1993, excel condit. in nyc. $1300.

20040718. plus, polytech deck. SOLD in five hours. $1275.

20040825. plus, cordura, hypalon, excel condit. C$1000.

20050504. 2000 cordura deck, gd condit. $1450.

20050714. 2000, gd condit. $1300.

20060405. 1999?, pic doesn’t look like welded. SOLD on ebay for $1400.

20070404. 1999 or 2000, polytech, sealskin, gd condit. $1250.

20070404. K1 Expedition. SOLD on ebay for $1600.

20070801. 1996, minor repairs. SOLD on ebay for $1027 + $75 shipping.

Then sale fell through (buyer said seller misrepresented the model).

20070813. bought in 2000 for/from nykc. looks like welded. SOLD on canadian ebay for US$1450 + $32 shipping.

20070820. 2000, sealskin, excel condit. SOLD on australian ebay for US$1290.

I don’t know "blue book"
but $1400 sounds fair to me

those things aren’t cheap new

but the bottom line: whatever the market will bear

it’s not exactly peak kayaking season

Tell him to ask tsunamichuck
to find a $1200 one for him. I’m sure tchuck will oblige, for a finder’s fee.

$1000- 1200

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is more like it. The boat is obsolete and they have been going for $1000 on ebay. Sell yours on ebay and good luck.
One sold for $800 here http://foldingkayaks.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=817
and here http://foldingkayaks.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=762

I would not charge a finders fee
They show up on ebay and Craigs List often enough.

You’ve just accumulated more data than anyone answering this thread will have. Pricing used goods–and evaluating condition–is ultimately subjective, but the research you’ve done suggests that what you are in the ballpark. Whether to keep or lower your price depends on how eager you are to sell it. If it doesn’t sell at $1400, you can always relist it. But if you really just want to get rid of it, and the guy telling you it is overpriced is making a serious offer of $1200, then consider taking it. But if he’s just being one of those annoying hagglers who isn’t going to buy it, but just likes to tell you that he thinks it is overpriced, ignore him. Ultimately, consider real offers, ignore game players who are just curious about how low you might go.

I agree with Chuck
Those boats are probably the most common Feathercrafts on ebay. Partly because there are other, newer alternatives to it (Kahuna and Wisper). I think $1,200 is fair and will get it sold without too much of a wait.