Fair Price for Flawed Canoe

REI took my returned Mad River Explorer 16TT that was flawed (not perfectly symmetrical and has 3 indentations on one side of the shallow V hull) and has put it back at a reduced price. I know it will not pop back into shape as I tried putting it in the sun for 6 hours. The side came back slightly but the bottom is still wavy on one side.

So how much is this boat worth? It has webbed seats, is the triple tough model and has the IQ2 system. It is in Polyethylene.

Or is it worth having at all? Will it never paddle right?

I have a new boat/replacement that came in today and going to see if it is in good shape. If so, I will pay the full price of $749.00. If not, do I get the second and for what price?



including tax

Wow, thats’s to the cent!
In other words, I doubt it will be that cheap so get the new boat huh?

that price
is only if that’s what it would be worth to you. Very difficult question, might be good for a college entrance exam, if you’re choosing a philosophy major.

Gotta agree with daggermat
Personally, I have no need for a PE canoe… so for me there is no price that would be good. But then again, there are plenty of folks that would pay retail just to get a perfect boat.

I’d say that it’s unlikely that you would notice any performance difference between a perfect PE hull and one with a few imperfections… So I’d say that $400 would probably be a fair price for a new canoe with a couple flaws. But personally for me there are alot of better canoes out there on the used market that I’d buy before buying either a new TT or a damaged one for a reduced rate. JMHO


No, finished College
But new to canoeing. I just wanted to know if the boat would perform right. If so, I would consider it as this is an entry level boat for me. My guess is in any condition (new and perfect OR blemished) it will be sold after I learn a bit more and my needs for something more develop in a few years.

Make them give you a new boat.
An asymetrical hull that wasn’t designed asymetrical is warped and most likely won’t track straight. Little indentations (Quarter to half dollar size)aren’t usually a problem, but larger ones could be a thin spot in the plastic.

If you paid for a new boat you should get a first quality new boat.

I would if I could!
but I live in Southern California and finding a canoe, let alone a used one is hard. I could get something on e-bay but it is alwys “pick-up” only and always back east or it’s another $250.00 for shipping which brings the price up to a new canoe. All the stores here carry 1, maybe 2 models and basically sell 3 dozen kayaks to 1 canoe. I agree in buying a used canoe but it has been hard. If you know of anything within 100 miles or so, tell me.

I am in Orange County, CA

in response to GaryR…
when you tire of this canoe and go to sell it, will you be able to get more than what you saved by buying a "second’ in the first place.The symetry thing would have me concerned, as mentioned above. Mad River has had “issues” in quality and customer service the last few years from what I hear. I am lucky living where I do in that I have Old town, Swift, Mad river, Bell, we-no-Nah and Evergreen dealers within 35 minutes of my house, and have bought demoed dagger and swift canoes for well less than retail. I did an internet search in your area and you’re right, not much popping up.What types of canoes are sold in your area and are you able to get full refund on your MR?

Gary, Yes I can get a refund
Got it at REI and have not picked it up yet. I just found a Discovery 164 (as noted in other post) for $410.00/new and unassembled. I am going to get that boat from a dealer in Alpine, CA (San Diego) which is a 3 hour drive for me but well worth it.

Thanks Gary, I appreciate your help.

no problemo…

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Matt, alias Gary. so ya say ya went to college, eh??;-) anyways, that disco is a great deal. Didn't realize that was you, musta had ya cornfused with that Gary feller...

You did the right thing
by taking the Mad River back and picking up the Disco 164. Ya saved a bundle on a superior quality boat.