Fair price for used?

I am looking for some advice please. I am thinking about purchasing an Old Town Charles River canoe, about 5 to 7 years old, used on craigslist. Good condition, a few scrapes. Stored indoors. Used only about a dozen times. Comes with two paddles and two padded seats and a homemade motor mount. He is also including an Extend a Hitch for a pickup. Is $700 a good price for this? Thanks.

What does it all cost now new? Or similar items?

That sounds like a deal. The accessories alone could cost that depending on Quality and condition.

Be aware that the Charles River came in two layups - royalex (which is discontinued) and 3 layer poly (which is still currently produced). The hull is somewhat Prospector-ish, and although I’ve never paddled one, it appears (in person) to me as a decent hull for moderate river cruising. But I don’t think I would give $700 for the poly boat, unless by some fluke the paddles were Zaverals or the like. If it’s the royalex version, it sounds like a very good deal.

@Gs96c599@aol.com said:
What does it all cost now new? Or similar items?

The new Charles River (poly) lists at $1100. It’s not as common on the used market as the Discovery series (and more desirable, IMO), but I still wouldn’t pay more than half of new…based on past offerings on CL. The padded seat accessories could be a lot of things, but I’ve seen all sorts at yard sales for next to nothing. The paddles are the wild card. Feather brand? Good only for loaners or firewood. Find them at yard sales for a buck. Bending Branches? Maybe $50 or less on CL. Zav? (In our dreams) Now you’re talking.

At 7 years old I find many things are worth about half if in good condition.