Fair price to pay for 14' Necky Alsek

Looking for a kayak for Maine coastal waters. Mostly day trips, maybe a one overnight. Saw a 14 Necky listed. 10 years old and no rudder/skeg. Any thoughts on pricing would be appreciated.



Try it out before you buy it !
My wife won one in a raffle after a race about ten years ago, and we found out why it was donated.

It would not track straight.

After she complained, I tried it out and found the same.

One of my sons had it for a while and said it was a pain to paddle.

He finally gave it away, since none of us wanted it.

We just assumed it was a factory reject, but you never know !

Jack L

did you check the reviews?

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There are 10 user reviews on the model. In general, you have to discard at least half the "10 out of 10" reviews for any model particularly those who are reporting on their first kayak purchase ( all kayaking is fun but if you have nothing to compare your new boat to, you really are not expressing a discriminating opinion of it.) At least one reviewer says that a skeg is "mandatory" and commented on the tracking. I would be cautious -- I've owned a couple of used kayaks that would not track due to hull design. Sometimes this can be helped a bit by adding ballast, but don't count on it.


As to price, I have generally paid between $300 and $400 for older rotomold touring kayaks in decent shape, maybe $100 more if they throw in a decent paddle (like a Werner), PFD and skirt. But that depends on what kind of competition you have in your market.

Fair price to pay for 14’ Necky Alsek
JackL and Willowleaf - thanks to both of you for those helpful responses. Really appreciate it. I think that i will continue looking for something with a skeg or rudder. Best,