fair selling price

I have a ‘93 We-no-nah tuffweave Sundowner 18’ in good condition (a lot of superficial scratches, but overall sound). Want to sell, but have no idea of what to ask. Any suggestions? Thanks

$ 450 USD
if it is in good shape and not too heavy…

$600 IF
its a PVC core stiffened tuffweave with sliding seats and a good yoke or wood trim in good shape. In 1993 Wenonah still made the 18’ Sundowner in all the layups from cross rib glass to ultralight kevlar, six total.

Condition and location will be big factors in what you can get for it.

The 18’ Sundowner is a classic design, it does everything well and has a great glide. Its a shame its not in the Wenonah catalog anymore, for many years it was their best seller. It just got knocked out by Jensen’s Minnesota II.

Ev Crozier designs are such good all around hulls. The Sundowner, Spirit, and Adirondack compare well against any others at their respective lengths.