Fair winds, Meade Gougeon


As noted in the article, in March 2017 Meade won his class in the 300-mile WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, sailing/paddling his boat, “Elderly Care.”

I remember the first epoxy satration boat I ever saw. It was 30ft +/- Sweet Ocolie (sp) in the late 70s. It was during a race and it showed up tacked and sailed away. It was beautiful. West System is a good thing.

The Gougeons and West System are Pure Michigan. When I first started following the WaterTribe (which is what prompted me to try kayaking), Meade came on my radar because of the Michigan connection. His sailing canoe is beautiful and his lambskin covered seat the envy of the fleet. Going to miss following his tracker next March.

Thank you for posting the link, Rookie. Meade sounds not only an intelligent innovator, but a kind and generous soul. I’ve been using West System for years. As such, I’m indebted to the Gougeon brothers for their contribution to my joy in this world of water.