Fall cleaning of gear box

I was looking for the key to unlock my rack. I knew it was in a small Pelican box inside my truck gear box.
It was an adventure to find.
There were 3 large towels . I thought there was one. Straps, straps, straps. A set of summer clothes . I wondered where those shorts went.
3 different pairs of water shoes; Two I should probably toss.
A Gerber Rambo knife? What was I thinking? It’s badly rusted . Shame on me.
Jumper cables and a trailer hitch.
A yellow rubber ducky. I guess I had aspirations of becoming a Duckhead.
About time to load the dry pants , splash jacket, and Chota Mukluks.

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After years of similar adventures such as yours, I learned to put my rack key on an 8 - 12 inch teather - brightly colored is even better - to ease locating when needed.

I’m a slow learner, per my wife.

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I’ve been making the switch from my summer day pack to two larger Fall/Winter day packs that can carry lots more extra stuff (warm/dry clothes). My wife’s says it’s like her switching purses. I recently got rained on 3 times in 2 days and that helped me figure out that it’s time to pack like it’s not summer.

My rack key is on the truck key ring with the fuel tank, tool box and pin keys.