Fall color update SW MI

I just started paddling again after a 5 week break for full time outdoor space (mostly deck) maintenance. Fun to see the changes since late August.

Put-in on my neighbor’s farm.

Couple more shots of the St Joseph river in SW MI

The Concorde grapes are a deep purple and look totally ready to be harvested with the weight of the grapes pulling the vines off their wires in some places. The smell walking through the vineyard is amazing.

The soybeans also look just about ready for harvest when all the leaves have fallen off and all the green is gone and all that’s left is a spindly stalk with beans on it.

I’m very happy to be paddling again and really enjoying the Fall colors.


Colors are about peak in Antrim County. Not paddling but up there working on a cabin.


Snow flurries this morning. Color around the tip of the mitt of Michigan is peaking.

Love the colors but not what follows for six months


This was the UP on Wednesday. View from Brockway Mountain Drive. We’re just a tad ahead of you guys!


SE Michigan. No sugar maples yet but you gotta love sassafras and dogwood.

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