Fall Colors Trips

New to this, so I have no clue. Could you suggest some moderate Fall Colors Trips that would be interesting? Is it too late? Or would it be best to search for forums that have already been posted?

Edit: I would be traveling out of the Deep South.

Depends on where you live.
I like Hope Valley in the Sierra.

I will check it out.

I’m not seeing much color in upstate SC. Still a lot of green tending to brown.

Color is passing in Northern Michigan - moving to browns & golds. Tamaracks were glowing on the AuSable Saturday.

Nice photo. Further north and inland, the trees are nearly bare. Loads of rain; four inches fell 10/23. Right now it’s snowing. About an inch forecast. :frowning_face:

A friend said the long term forecast called for warmer temps in November. Sure hope he’s right.

Lake Hartwell 2 weeks ago.

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