Fall is in the air in the South

It was a bit chilly this morning for my normal summer clothes but by 8:30 it was nice. Now it’s early afternoon. The sun is warm and the shade is perfect.
The goldfinches are migrating through. In August!?
Maybe the Farmers Almanac is right about it being a chilly, wet winter here and really cold in the North.

Can you send that coolness a little further south please? :hot_face:

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We always see goldfinches during August here in Charlotte North Carolina. They seem to love to eat catnip seeds at this time of year (part of our garden is overrun with it by this time of the year.)

It hasn’t gotten to central Florida yet, but it isn’t January yet.

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I have a nice zinnia flower bed and they love zinnia seeds

Please send some if that to Florida… 95 today.

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Eklutna Lake Alaska


Signs of late summer, early fall around here is the increasing activity of tropical storms/hurricanes.
Among other sites, I watch https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/
So far, it has been a really ‘light’ year, but it’s only August. September is usually the busy one.
30 years ago today (8/24/92) Andrew (1st named of season) hit south FL.

leaves are starting to change . The swamp maples are red.

Some mornings in the 40s now, the mountains are in the 30s.

Well underway here. Even have some termination dust

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Wait a minute, String…If it’s not even Labor Day and it’s already Fall in South Carolina, then that means here in the Northeast it’s already–Oh, hell no…!

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I cut the lawn a couple days ago and I showed my wife the dozen or so dead brown oak leaves that had fallen within an hour. She said it was because of drought conditions so it didn’t count as an indicator of Fall.

But then again every year I show people pics of early color changes along the river like the pic below taken yesterday. People always tell me that the trees along the river get too much water so the color changes don’t count.

So I’m not sure if Im seeing true signs of Fall but I’m pretty sure I’ll be snagging leaves on the bow of my canoe within a couple of weeks.

Don’t despair! Summer came back. But ,It doesn’t have the crushing quality it had and the Dog Days are over .

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It’s still August…occasionally a cool morning will trick us. I’ll start thinking Fall is near about mid October. However, it is hurricane season around the Gulf of Mexico so concerned with the tropics.