Fall kayaking in NY

The wife and I are planning a couple of day kayaking trips for our vacation in the beginning of October in the area of Lake Ontario. In our preparations we were wondering what kind of apparel we should be shopping for before then. Any other needed gear for this weather would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Water is still pretty warm in early …
October, but air temps and weather can vary significantly. Check the following website for a good information on proper atire.


Also check out the other information like ‘Coldwater Safety’.



AKT’s site is fantastic, but just to add one note from experience. Warmth from air temps and warmth from wind are not necessarily the same thing that time of year. That is, something like a wetsuit or moderate layers under a drysuit that’ll do you if you are in the water may not be enough to handle being upright and wet from rain or whatever and having wind coming at you. You really want to have a shell that’ll seal well around the wrists and neck and waist to block wind and help trap air around your baody, whatever is underneath it. So a looset windbreaker isn’t going to do it - you’ll want a proper paddle jacket or drytop.

Its not the same elevation
but I have seen snow the first week of october up at Lake Placid.