Fall Ozark Rendezvous Pictures

Didn’t paddle as much as I wanted, but had a good time. Here’s a link to my photos:


Looks cool on the river

Maybe next year

Thanks Terry
Your pictures are the only sensible way for me to participate in the Fall Rendezvous. Already looking forward to joining you all next Spring.


Great pictures, Terry!
It’s great to see all of you out on the water!

I’m jealous! :innocent:

…when health issues and weather conspire to limit my paddling. We were wondering if you were going to “Brave” the late fall trip through the Yukon, Brad? Kim, hope your surgery went well and you’re healing well? Hope all of you can make it again!

Thanks for the photos
Between the weather and my shoulder deciding to do a bunk just before the Rendezvous, things did not pan out for us as I had hoped either. Still, it was nice to see everyone. Sorry I could not be a bit more sociable but I was in a heck of a lot of pain after the one day I paddled.

Long road ahead
we’ll just have to see.

Some days I wish I had the old one back cause at least I could kneel… for a short time for sure…

I have to go rub my turtle . A Navajo woman was selling horsehair ceramic turtles and explained that some of the symbols on the turtle was for patience…

Uh oh, Doc. What did you do
to your shoulder? That was what kept me in Little Rock this time last year. I saw a guy in a sling yesterday at the fair and it brought back some not so pleasant memories, but the good news is I picked the right shoulder man and am back to 100%. Now, about that left shoulder…

Oh, and fantastic pics as always, Terry!

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It took me a second to realize exactly what boat the Phoenix was. Love it! I have a dream! A dream of a day when neither shoulder surgery, nor the calendar nor divorce will interfere with a man's pursuit of campin' and paddlin' and fellowshippin'. Wasn't that in a Martin Luther King speech or something?

I Need a Turtle…

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.....then to take to work with me and keep in my pocket; some days I'd rub the sheen plumb off (LOL)!

offside shoulder issues
I have had troubles with my left shoulder, which is my offside shoulder when paddling whitewater in an open boat, on a couple of occasions in the past. At those times, the pain seemed to be brought on by multiple days of whitewater paddling requiring a lot of cross-forward action and off-side plants. I had an MRI which just showed a lot of various degenerative changes and no real surgical target. Pain lasted up to 8 weeks each time and was pretty limiting. I thought I had gotten past it by moderating my whitewater paddling activity and trying to concentrate on good form

What bothers me about this episode is that I really didn’t do anything to precipitate it, not even flat water paddling. Just woke up with a painful shoulder about a week before the Rendezvous, and after one easy 9 mile paddle I was pretty much done and in agony.

Tough to diagnose
I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the main thing I learned through my process was how difficult it is to diagnose shoulder issues. Doctor number one finally sent me for an arthrogram and determined I “probably had a partial tear slightly over 50% and might want to consider surgery”. I sought a second opinion, mainly to determine whether I actually needed surgery, and doctor number two looked at the DVD and immediately determined with 100% confidence I had a full thickness tear. He did not push me into surgery but when asked did indicate that would be the best decision under the circumstances. Surgery confirmed full thickness tear, bone spurs and very large bursa. The outcome has exceeded my expectations.

The point of my rambling is there might be something going on in there that can be addressed and if you haven’t sought a second opinion it might be worthwhile to do so. The first doctor was perfectly competent but frankly just didn’t click with me, and I think what happened in my case was the second surgeon I was referred to is just truly gifted. Also, he said “we gotta get you paddling again”, so there was that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Pics Terry, and thanks for taking time to be tour guide and showing us the sights. We had a truly wonderful week on the Current due to all our “extended family” expressing their friendship and again welcoming us into the fold. To all that had a long drive home, I hope you made it safely- Bjorn, I’m thinking of you in particular, and I’m so sorry that you had vehicle trouble so far from home.

Until 2017, happy paddling all.

Good pics Terry
Bjorn’s adventures are almost over.Anita is running

Him and Amy back to Austin.did two rivers to powder mill today .and eminence to two rivers yesterday.

It sucks that he had transmission die.but I think we all showed him a good time anyway.something must of been done right.he is talking of making another rendezvous.

Poor Guy!
At least he had good folks to take care of him, and a ride home too? How fortunate to have people like Anita to so unselfishly do them such a turn!

It is a good group
We are lucky that the rendezvous attracts such fine people.this rendezvous felt like a game.of karmic pong.between my minor battery problem.and other factors.two rivers to powder mill.was a nice paddle.and the eminence to two rivers was pretty.wasn’t bad but I can totally see why Bob hates

that section to.

Link to Pics
Sorry it took me so long but as you all know I took a TON of pics, was hard for me to decide which ones to delete. Hope you all enjoy. What a great trip, can’t wait to see you all in the Spring.


See ya,


Great pics Terry
Enjoyed your pictures, they are great. Enjoyed seeing everyone and paddling a wonderful river.

Thanks for the pics Pam!
Moon shots came out good considering the cloudy weather we had.

Didn’t get many usable photos from the rendezvous. Low light, slow shutter speeds, and lots of blurry photos. After severe selection and Photoshop fixing up here’s what I was able to salvage … for what it’s worth