Fall was here this morning

73° at the put in, nice cool breeze and a blue bird day. For the first time in months, I was looking for sunny spots to shake off a little chill.
Might be time to think about a bit more cover than a short sleeve sun shirt and a bathing suit.

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Coming soon cool mornings on Long Island :blush:

Less boats & jet skis great too

70 at 9:30am today.

57 degrees in Nevada today. Long heat wave is finally ending. We expect temps in the 40s every morning soon. Camping next week in the mountains will be in the low 30s.

We’ve been having wonderfully cool mornings in SW MI. I love it when the fiberglass powerboats thin out and the water belongs to outdoorspeople again. On the other hand pretty soon there will be lots of gunfire pretty much everywhere I go. But that’s OK, it’s all good.

We’re in Richmond where it’s 64 at 7:30 am and the locals are happy that the summer heat is starting to wane.