Fall-Winter fishing

Now that the weather is slowly getting cooler should I change from using worms to grubs? I live in New England and am trying to find a way to fish as far into the winter as possible this year.

Non-topic recommendations are very welcome.



Wish I could relate to NE conditions.
The last few years we haven’t had anything called winter in these parts.

The Bluefish are running…
Slap a lure on your line and get out on LI Sound. About an hour before sunset they’ll start eating and jumping out of the water. Just watch for them. Spoons work great. Their teeth are quite sharp, so bring pliers. A wire leader or a net is also a plus.

For freshwater bait fishing, worms always work.

Good luck… Tom.

Where I am in northern New England live bait is out after August 15th and you must use artificials until the season closes on Sept. 30th. Catch and release only on certain water bodies until Oct. 31st. Then Nada until 1 Jan when ice season opens.

If you can still use live bait go with the worms. We use 'em up here in the winter for ice fishing with good success.