Familiar with Phoenix Appalachian?

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1970s Phoenix Appalachian. There are no reviews on Pnet for this. I would be using it as a buddy boat on flatwater, and might play around with it on Class 1-2 rivers. Does anyone have an opinion about this old-school kayak?

Lighter than plastic boats of similar
capacity, relatively fast because of its length (over 14’), but not very agile and definitely old-school. A friend paddled one back in the 70s, and he liked it. It is probably lighter than poly touring kayaks of similar length. Phoenix boats are carefully made and often last a long time; I have one made in '82 that is still very sound. If the Appalachian has been out of the sun, age shouldn’t have hurt it.

All that said, if you wanted a whitewater boat, there would be better choices, and if you wanted a relatively fast touring kayak, there would be better choices. For me, the best choices in old Phoenix kayaks are the Slipper and the Isere.