Family fishing

I know that these recommendation topics get old. I am looking for a canoe or kayak to do some fishing with my kids/maybe wife. This kayak looks very appealing for the price and can fit 2-3 people.

Any alternatives that I should be looking at? Thank you very much for the assistance. I really appreciate the help from people in the know.

I think if you plan on bringing the family along you will be much happier in a canoe.

For one thing tandem kayaks don’t handle well if there are times you might be solo, or with a child up front who contributes little to paddling. Most tandem canoes on the other hand handle fairly well solo.

Then there is the room factor. You can easily fit your wife and a couple of small kids in a a larger canoe. You can’t safely do that in a tandem kayak

I agree with Brian
Consider how much room you need to safely manage a pole with two or more people in the boat. A 16’ or larger canoe gives you room to fish without snagging your partner.

Too small
12’ is awful close when hooks are involved.

a 12footer will, as D mentioned, be a

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busy boat come fishing time and no matter what you think about kayaking over canoeing...there are quite a few efficient tandems(17'+) out there....check out the USED canoes in as many websites as possible cause granted they are pricey these days. If you won't be paddling very far...then something a little longer, of the same SOT family may work well, but a composite canoe 17'+ will be far more efficient, if you can find a good used one = a chore.