Family of 4 looking 1st kayaking trip


Family of 4 (2 boys 10 & 11) looking for first kayaking day trip or one nighter to try out this sport!

We live north of Atlanta area and need to rent 2 2-person kayaks.

ANy ideas?


Contact these folks and…
unless you guys already know how to do a self-rescue if everyone ends up in the water, you are risking at the least a very unpleasant and discouraging first trip. Or one where you stay quite close to shore, on totally flat calm water. This may not be fun for the younger folks.

Try to hook up with a guided tour or a group, for a one day paddle, to start. You’ll find that simply being comfortable sitting in the boat for an extended time period could take some adjustment, let alone the impacts of paddling incorrectly (which you will be doing because of being new at it).

Here’s the web site for a bunch that you may want to call for local ideas;

Look at SKG
Great folks