"Famously HOT"

Paddled Lake Murray near Columbia, SC this morning. The title is the town’s advertising slogan. The forecast for today was a high of a balmy 93°.
When we came off the water it was 99°.
My chair potato body was not ready for that. Paddling with friends, who must also be temporarily nutz, is always a good thing.
For some reason the motorhead traffic was minimum. We saw 2 power boats. A beaver swam by while we took a break under a shade tree.
We decided that heading south isn’t a good idea for awhile.
Back to Jocassee next trip.

Beantown is in the beginning of another heat wave. We’ll near or hit 100 tomorrow.

I think my term would be “hellishly hot.” I really hate hot temps. I don’t want “Florida hot” in New England… :frowning:



Just got a heat warning for Fryeburg Maine. Seems to be in a lot of places.

Let SC get the heat out we come through there in a week or so to Wateree SP.

Today we are high 77 in Goldsboro, ME.

Well, there goes my thought about heading up north for some heat relief… :exploding_head: Actually, I will take my week up western ME mountains at the end of August. It’s gotta be better than Beantown.

I read that the drought in ME is leading to some of the dug wells drying up. Last time that I remember that happening to my neighbors was sometime back in the 90’s.

Stay cool…


My PC will not read the camera SD card for some reason, or I would post photos of our trip yesterday on Lake Murray. I actually felt comfortable yesterday on the water. We were on the water before 10 and off about 12:30. partly cloudy and windy. The water temperature was 82. In the wind if you were wet it would cool you down. Heck, I thought it was pleasant. Now doing much outside on land after noon when the clouds left is a whole other story.

I agree. It was nice until we got back on land.

The correct terminology for Beantown is “wicked hot”.


Still better than further south up there…

Forecasters can be wrong a lot. No not 77 it was 88 in the shade when tide was right. But there was a 10 to 15mph wind. Not hot on water.

Depends on the wind direction. Gentle Southwest breezes keep the coast cool. Those breezes have no effect twenty miles inland.

I am nearer Fryeburg. Yes hot. But it varies a lot… Near the lakes lower down it is 5-7 degrees cooler than on the ridgetops.

Sing if you want heat relief try north of Moosehead. We went paddling there for a week last week and the temps are a good 10-12 degrees cooler. We had actually cold days… ish… 65 for a high when Fryeburg was 85.

Tomorrow however is jump in the lake. .Fortunately everyone can jump in the lake easily. For the most part each lake has a public beach. Still have not used my AC much.

Sing I am on a well but its not a shallow dug well… We are in moderate drought but my tomato plants are on a binge of being wild brats going wherever they want… I have not irrigated them. Lake levels are holding.

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Not too bad in SW MI, mostly 80s with an occasional day in low 90s. On the hotter days I usually paddle early and lately I’ve been going for a short evening paddle too. Nice to be on the river when the sun is low and one can paddle in shade. Last night a fish jumped right over my canoe.


Good to hear that the drought is not at crisis level where you are. Unlike yours, my tomatoes are miserably stunted as are the other vegetables. My lawn is a straw brown color, because I am observing the water use restrictions. Some T-storms are forecasted for this weekend. Fingers crossed.


Not meaning to be lawn police, but few people in my area have much of a lawn… We all know pavement does not absorb water. Lawns do absorb and keep more but not as much as we would like. Woods the most. Because of shoreland zoning and our rocky topography ( there isn’t a property without a stone wall) and lack of lawn we are perhaps doing better at keeping our groundwater functioning.
When we moved here we threw away the lawnmower. No use for it.

Tom, how have you liked that Advantage you bought a year ago? I ended up selling that one we had discussed that my old friend was eager to re-home a few weeks later to a fellow in Ohio, a friend of a paddler friend.

Hope your report of mild weather in SW MI holds for a bit – I am headed there in a week, first to spend some time with a cousin in Buchanan including a possible paddle on the Paw Paw, and from there to visit cousins in Muskegon and on to qajaq training camp up near Frankfort.

Florida native here, very used to heat and humidity, but hate the cold.

Florida native here ; grew up in Charleston, SC, lived in Houston for 8 years.
I can handle the heat but over 90° is a little too much.

Today here in Goldsboro, ME it hit 103 degrees on the outside thermometer under the awning of the RV. Western wind was kind of light at 1:30 pm. Not near as good as the SE wind yesterday.

Ouch! It was in the 80s and cloudy kayaking in my tandem kayak today at the sail club before attending at eleven a sailing tactics discussion about starts, windward marks, leeward marks, rights of way, and wind shadows.

I like my Advantage a lot. It’s a great cruising boat. Hope you enjoy your trip this way. We’ve had some hot and humid weather lately but it’s supposed to break in a day or so. Maybe I’ll bump into you on the Paw Paw.