Fancy new carabiner/pulley

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Jus’ picked up a couple o’ new DMM Revolver carabiners. Built in pulley so yer dun’t have ta lug around pulleys fer rescue stuff. Not cheap (fer me dems real cheap be since ah’ get employee discount)… Check dem out!


FE, what is retail on 'em?
I didn’t see a price list on the site

2 biners…
Of course, in a pinch, 2 'biners can substitute for a pulley in many cases…


At de store ah’ woyks in…
dems sell fer $34.99 apiece. Like ah’ said - not cheap!


Pulley Radius is too small
for rescue work. The standard pulleys for rescue rigging have a much larger radius for a reason. It needs to be 2 or 3 times your rope diameter IIRC and this is likely smaller. It’s probably better than just a caribiner, but only in terms of friction and abrasion. The max load is still diminished by about the same amount due to the tight radius.


Revolver caribiner…
I believe the caribiner in question will likely reduce some drag on the rope, and therefore will likely reduce some friction.

Especially when compared to a regular caribiner.

I don’t believe the caribiner in question will replace, nor was ever it intended to replace a rescue pulley. I don’t believe it will reduce nearly as much drag/friction as a rescue pulley.

Probably useful for climbers, but not rescue applications…in my opinion.


It may be a detriment in rescues
because it adds a potential failure point under a heavy load where a standard caribinier does not.

With a sheathed rope and a smooth caribiner, it probably makes very little difference in terms of friction and abrasion.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and probably has many good uses, just not for rescue work.