Fanny Pack/Deck Bag

Ive thought that a prefect bag for us would be a combination deck bag and fanny pack. Many times we will want to carry essentials like water and snacks both on the yaks and on a hike or walk. I would like to get a fanny pack that I could strap to the foredeck of the yak.

Has anyone else found something like this or have any knowledge of one?

I have not seen any…
I have not seen any waterproof fannypaks, if you find one let me know. I always wear a fannypac around my waist and just put the essentials in ziploc bags inside of it. Let us know if you find a good waterproof one. Heather

my friend uses
an inexpensive nylon fanny pack and just makes the straps real long and works them under the front bungies. Then clips them together to secure to deck. She just keeps snacks and bird books and waterproof binocular in it. The books are in aloksaks which are like ziplocks but stronger. When she gets in she rinses the fanny pack and lets it dry.

I don’t kayak/hike much, but…
Something you might want to consider for just paddling is and under deck bag. Love mine. Instantly became an essential item.

(Twice today posting that pic!)

I also use a Camelbak hydration pack. Not hiking I mostly use their 100oz UnBottle. I also have a 70 with shoulder straps, shock cord, and a small pocket that will hold several bars, etc. Good for short treks.

For you, maybe one of the Camelbaks with more pack features? Some are still small enough to tuck behind your seats.

Or why not just use fanny packs or small day packs? Lay it on deck slip belt under perimeter lines at each side, and buckle back together (buckle would end up under pack). All you have to do un unbuckle nd readjust belt length as you put them on. I don’t like stuff on deck - but if you do - this is cheap and easy.

I saw one…
I saw a fanny pack/dry bag combo at Bill Jackson’s here in FL. As I recall it was a bit bigger than an standard fanny pack. I don’t recall the manufacturer but will look next time I’m there. You could probably google Bill Jacksons Pinellas Park and call their watercraft section and ask.


Day Hatch
With a day hatch such things are easily stowed and accessed.

I usually try to keep my fore deck fairly clear of other than chart and water. I also try to not have to release my spray skirt while at sea. Hence, a day hatch works well for my uses.

Several (links)

Here are a couple of sources
for water proof fanny packs and deck bags:

The sagebrush products are first class though pricy. I have an akona “hip pack” that I use with my SOT, works fine.

I use
a Reminton fishing chest pouch , secured to the front deck, and can be worn too.

Thanks To All
This board is great! I took a look at all of the recommendations that you gave me. I wish I could be organized enough to remember links to products like that.

The two fanny packs that REI had appear to be exactly what I was after. The both can be used as normal fanny packs, they both have d-rings which can be used to secure them to the fordeck, and they both have a mesh pocket which looks like it would hold a water bottle.



Here is one more
from the fishing world: