Fanny Packs

Thinking of using a Fanny Pack while paddling, to keep things I might need in a pinch.

Like first aide, energy bar, sun screen, etc…

Anyone else use one or know where to get one?

Thet were popular 10 years ago.

Robert G

“The bride” doesn’t leave home without

Whether it is kayaking, canoeing, hiking, shopping, to church on Sunday, or at a fancy place all decked out in a dress and high heels.

I don’t know if she even has a pocket book any more.

She has everything except the kitchen sink in it

Hers is a North face. You can get them at most outfitters



I have this one.
Rolls down at top like a dry bag. Totally waterproof.

The evil Wally World carries them
And it seems that they’re called “lumbar packs” now. Fanny must have been too risque’!!! Camelbak makes a hydration “lumbar” pack which I’ve used. Works great and I like how it rides on my waist rather than on my shoulders. Very comfortable. Not much space in it though.

Got a Waterproof One
Made by Sealine. Great for carrying the camera, GPS, sun lotion, car keys, etc.

Any day on the water is a great day,


I use the Camelback. I put it on my front deck and the hose lets me dring while I paddle. I tried putting it behind the seat but being that low it takes to much effort to draw the liquid. I put the stuff I don’t want wet in a baggy inside.

WARNING- Anytime you use anything with staps make sure the straps are not in a position where you could get caught up in them. If you aren’t going to use the straps, roll them up and secure the rolls with zip ties.

I have the same one
For additional survival-type stuff that I’d want on my person instead of in my boat (in the event we become separated), NRS sells a Hydration Pouch that clips to the beck of your PFD: I took out the bladder and put all my junk in there and it stays on my PFD.

thwart pack
I have a waterproof pack that has waist straps to make it a fanny pack when not in the hull and side straps with clips to make it a thwart bag while paddling. I don’t like packs that clip on your fanny or back only, because while paddling one has to take off the fanny pack or PFD to get items out and that is not convenient or safe. Having it on the thwart right in front of your station is most convenient.

I think it was ordered from NRS. Luck.


I love them
Whenever I get back after a trip I feel naked without my fanny pack, but I’m too self conscious as a 26 year old man to wear one in non-wilderness public.

I have one that is left over from the '80, I liberated it from my mother. I keep some basic survival gear in it, compass map. Things that I need if I get separated from the boat. Things like the gps and camera live in my thwart bag.